The Goal: My having the knowledge and skills necessary for scoring 800 on the GMAT does others no good unless I can help them to acquire similar knowledge and to develop similar skills. So while my old game is playing the GMAT, learning cool new ways to handle questions and driving my score higher, my new game is seeing how high I can get others to score, and I love playing and winning that game too.

The Method: Learn and review concepts as necessary. Develop skill in applying those concepts to answering GMAT questions by using an iterative approach involving analyzing and answering practice questions and taking practice tests, and then analyzing performance and adjusting and refining methods used.

Also, we use psychology, meditation and every other method available to optimize mindset, habits and patterns.

In other words, I work with people to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to achieve their target GMAT Scores.

In addition to working face to face in sessions, I support them bigtime via email, text and sometimes even late night phone calls from wherever.

If learning more concepts is not enough to drive a person’s score up, we figure out what’s going on, and what it’s going to take to get that score to right where the person wants it to be, whether that’s getting more sleep, dealing with some mental block, or significantly changing a person’s conception of what he or she is capable of.

The Coach: Marty Murray has been teaching, tutoring and coaching since sometime last century. In addition to coaching people to help them attain higher GMAT scores, he has tutored students preparing for the SAT, trained hedge fund team members and taught in inner city schools.

He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Economics from Vanderbilt University and attained the CFA designation.

Location: New York Metropolitan Area and Worldwide Online