GMAT Prep Resources


Beat The GMAT Resources Page

The Beat The GMAT Resources page contains links many useful GMAT prep resources, including PowerPrep, the predecessor to GMAT Prep.

GMAT Geniuses Interview

In this interview I provided a fair amount of detail about how I prepared for the GMAT before I scored 800 and I discussed my general philosophy of how to prepare.

BellCurves Question Bank

The BellCurves question bank, which one can access by opening a GMAT practice account, contains thousands of questions categorized into dozens of categories. The quant section is the stronger one, with creative questions that one can use for great practice for rocking the GMAT.

Modifiers Discussion

Understanding how to place modifiers is key for achieving a high hit rate in GMAT sentence correction. Also, learning about modifier placement is a great way to become more aware of how word placement works in general.

After you read the discussion, you can get some practice by doing the exercises here,, and here,