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How high do you want to score?

Are you looking to increase your GMAT score by 100 points? 200 points? Do you want to break 600, or 700, or to score high enough to get accepted into a certain school?

I know the GMAT well enough to score 800 at will basically, and I know what it takes to prepare for the GMAT effectively.

I use my GMAT specific knowledge along with skills developed during years of teaching, coaching, and management to help people to get to the point of being able to burn through GMAT questions, getting right answer after right answer, and to hit their score goals by using a straightforward process that involves addressing every aspect of what goes into taking the test to drive their scores up point by point.

In doing so, I go well beyond teaching GMAT related concepts and approaches to working with people to find and address exactly what each has to do or change in order to hit his or her score goal and motivating them to succeed.

Here is some of what we do.

Concept Review – In order to score high on the GMAT you need to understand the concepts that are the building blocks of the questions.

Skill Development – You also need to be skilled in manipulating the concepts and efficiently and accurately working your way to the right answers. To a large degree developing this skill and tuning the processes that they use when handling questions is what people find most important for increasing their scores.

In other words, you can know all kinds of stuff, but without solid ways of applying what you know, you won’t get the right answers that you need in order to get a high GMAT score.

Test Taking Approach Refinement – Beyond knowing how to answer questions, you need to be good at handling the test itself. Even just optimizing your timing strategy can result in a significant score increase.

Mindset Optimization – Psychology is HUGE in GMAT performance, and high scores happen when a person is not only skilled but also in the optimal mental state for high performance on the test.

Please feel free to call or text me by cell or WhatsApp at 914 316 1288 or email me at m.w.murray@hotmail.com to discuss what we could do to get your GMAT score to right where you want it to be.